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Singapore Actual Day Wedding Photography – What To Expect

Most of your reading this blog are actually couples who are getting ready for your marriage and wedding ceremony. Naturally, you would have lots of questions and wonder how the wedding day or your photography session would be proceeding during the actual day (AD).

Here I seek to share my experience with you, having observed many more than a handful of weddings in Singapore this year alone.

After you have engaged AD wedding photography Singapore services, what would happen next is that during the actual day, the wedding photographer would be travelling down to the bride’s place first. This is because he or she would then need to capture the scenes of the bride getting ready. This scene would then also have the various bridesmaids there helping the bride get ready for the wedding. The make up artist (either engaged by the couple or the photographer himself or herself) would be helping out too.

Soon after, the groom will then arrive with his entourage of best men. He will usually be chauffeured during this day. He will then attempt to ‘pass the test’ set up by the bridesmaid before he can see his bride. The purpose of these ‘tests’ is to prove that he is willing to go through hardship for his bride. After having some fun, the bridesmaids will then decide to let the groom through to visit his bride. This would usually be the first time during the AD that the couple meets each other. All these will be carefully photographed by the wedding photographer.

The couple would then usually pay respects to the bride’s parents by offering them a cup of tea. This is simply a Chinese gesture, nothing more, nothing less. The groom will ask for ‘formal’ permission from the brides’ parents to marry their daughter. They will say ‘yes’, and everyone cheers. Once again, all these would be photographed.

Alright! So the day at the bride’s house is over. Now, the couple will then be off on their way to the groom’s parents’ house and the AD wedding photographer would then either be following the couple in the same car (or if there is not enough space, the actual day wedding photographer would then follow another car in the entourage). The same procedure is repeated, except that the bride will just greet the groom’s parents instead of asking permission for the groom’s hands.

Finally, a time for the couple to rest. This would usually be around 1pm to 2pm or so. The wedding photographer would then quickly bring out his laptop and get to work. He or she would need to compile and edit some of the most important moments into a same day edit (SDE) video with all the photo montage of the earlier proceedings. This SDE video will then be showcased during the dinner banquet.

Finally, the grand finale for the couple’s wedding – the dinner banquet. This is commonly held at a 5 star hotel’s restaurant. The guests would usually be seated first and the couple outside the ballroom and greeting the guests.

Alright, after everyone has taken their seats, the emcee would be announcing the grand entrance of the couple! The bride and groom would then walk in slowly onto the main stage in the ballroom. The wedding bells would chime now! Guests would cheer and the wedding photographer would be busy snapping away at the couple.

It’s a wonderful and tiring day, and after all these, the dinner banquet will begin and the couple would go around toasting the guests at each table.

I hope the above explanation gives you a much better idea of what to expect for your wedding day and the actual day wedding photography session that would be coming along with it.

Taking A Wedding Video Too

If you have not considered taking a wedding film for your wedding (be it AD or pre), you should seriously consider it now.

If you have never watched a truly and amazingly shot wedding video, you might not understand why people want a wedding video. However, if you have actually watched a beautiful piece of film, there would be no doubt in your mind that you want such a film for yourself too!

I think having worked at the biggest wedding photography and videography studio in Singapore, Grandeur Wedding Studio pte ltd, I can tell you that the difference that can make or break a wedding video is the amount of emotions carried through. There are some amateur videographers who do not filter out the background noise and/or use random music which doesn’t suit the scene. What separates the professionals from the amateurs is the ability to perfectly feel in tune with the emotions experienced by the bride, groom and guests. When a videographer can experience the same emotions as the couple and guests did, he or she would now be able to edit the wedding video in a way that would make the film a truly amazing piece of art (instead of just filming important scenes and mashing them up together and add in some background music). Additionally, there are so many beautiful wedding locations in Singapore for your video – all of which would add to the beauty of your film.

Choose a local wedding photographer

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your pre wedding photo shoot and actual day photo shoot in Singapore, I will recommend you to choose a local wedding Photographer. I am sure that many of you would think that it is common sense to do so. There are three good reasons to do so.

1. A Singapore wedding photographer is familiar with Singapore’s landscape and scenic locations. He will have a much higher chance of knowing all the scenic locations where wedding couples usually take their wedding photographs at than an overseas wedding photographer. Furthermore, being more familiar with Singapore’s roads also mean that the local wedding photographer will be able to lead the way to the various locations with ease. You will never get lost following the local wedding photographer. On the other hand, an overseas photographer who is not familiar with Singapore’s roads may just be following the GPS blindly. If GPS fails, he will not know how to proceed to the various photo shoot locations. You may even need to help him with the navigation around Singapore.

2. A Singapore wedding photographer has more knowledge and understanding of the different cultures in Singapore. Singapore is a multi-racial nation with different races and cultures. During the pre wedding photo shoot and especially the actual day wedding event, there are certain cultural-sensitive things that should be observed. For instance, it will be best not to wear the color black to Chinese wedding events. Failure to abide by the cultural standards will make the atmosphere a little awkward and embarrassing.

3. You will be able to follow up with the Singapore wedding photographer easily after the photo shoot. The local wedding photographer will still reside in Singapore and it will be easy to contact him again for any matters relating to your photo shoots. On the other hand, if your wedding photographer is a foreigner, he will return to his own country after the photo shoots and it will be much harder to follow up or push him for information or to hasten the processing of the pictures.

For those who are considering overseas wedding photographer, your reasoning must be that the overseas wedding photographer possess superior photography skills than local photographers. When you have interacted with the local photographers and seen their work, I do not think that you will think that way anymore.

Uniquely Singapore Wedding Photographs

Of course, if you want to take your bridal photo shoot in Singapore, then you must definitely take images which are uniquely Singapore – or you would be better off taking photographs in another neighboring country in South East Asia since it is probably cheaper there.

There are many backdrops which you can take against to make your wedding photographs uniquely Singapore and studios like Nat Studios and grandeur Wedding are among the very best at doing this for their clients..

pre wedding photo shoot in front of marina bay sands singapore

(photo credits to

  1. Marina Bay Sands. Now a world famous spot where even Rihanna has gone to for a photo shoot, Marina Bay Sands is a hot favorite of couples who want to make their wedding photographs uniquely Singapore. I do not actually recommend couples to go to the top of the MBS building to take their photographs. The best angle is actually as shown in the image above and taking the entire MBS and surrounding buildings in the backdrop of your wedding photograph.


2. Sentosa. A sunny island located to the South of Singapore and connected by a passenger and car bridge, Sentosa is a hot spot for couples looking to take their wedding photographs in Singapore but yet want to have a Hawaii feeling to it. (The main difference is that it’s really humid). Sentosa is a hot spot for couples who love the sandier and sunnier parts of Singapore. It is also home to the Universal Studios Singapore and many hotels. Perhaps you can have a staycation (or vacation if you’re not from Singapore) at Sentosa island and enjoy the USS and serene lifestyle on Sentosa island if you’re already planning to take your wedding photographs there.

gardens by the bay singapore wedding photo

(photo credits to

3. Gardens By The Bay. Although it has become somewhat cliché to take your wedding photographs at Gardens By The Bay because it is seemingly overused, it is still a hot spot and a beautiful, uniquely Singapore place for your wedding photographs. Many local and foreign couples flock to Singapore to take their wedding photos at Gardens By The Bay due to its exotic, other-worldly look. I would recommend taking your wedding photographs at the gardens at night (or at least in the evening) – that’s when wedding photographs taken there looks the best. A simple Google search will show you what I mean. Those photographs taken in the day don’t look half as magical as those wedding photographs taken at Gardens By The Bay in the evening / night.

Hopefully with the above 3 suggestions of the most famous wedding venues in Singapore, you will be able to capture your uniquely Singapore photos.

Mesmerizing wedding gowns

A huge part of our reasons on loving wedding photography is due to the mesmerizing wedding gowns. Wedding gowns are on a level of their own, looking way more gorgeous and captivating than any than clothing. Wedding gown singapore is able to bring out the femininity out of a woman, and make her look particularly beautiful. There is no wonder people say that brides are the most beautiful and happiest women on Earth.

Take a look at some photographs of brides wearing their wedding gowns.


Don’t you just love the extremely straight and crisp texture of this wedding gown? The style is beautifully designed – looking very simple while exuding a elegance feel.


How about this one? This wedding gown is very different from the one above. For me, I particularly love the fine details in the torso area. Moreover, the cutting of the wedding gown in the breast area shows off the breast of the woman. Generally, this gown is perfect for busty and slim woman who has got good figures to show off to others.


This wedding gown combines some features of the first and second wedding gowns. Having a high cut at the waist similar to the first wedding gown, this wedding gown also contains a lot of fine details at the upper area. The bottom later of the wedding gown gives viewers a “bouncy” and abundance feel.


This is also one of my most loved wedding gowns. This fourth wedding gown is similar to the second wedding gown but in a more conservative manner. The cutting around the breast area is higher, thus exposing a smaller area of the breast. Moreover, the cutting around the torso area is less tight too, reducing the attention to the woman’s slim figure. However, there is a classy aura exhibited by this wedding gown.


Lastly, this is one of the sexiest wedding gown that I have seen. The tight cutting of the wedding gown is able to show off the slim figure of the woman. Additionally, the multiple tiny holes in the gown gives viewers a partial vision of the woman’s skin which adds to the sexiness level.

As you can see, there are a lot of wedding gowns with different styles and features. Just as each woman is different, every woman will need a special wedding gown that suit their taste and match their style.

Finding beautiful wedding photographs

If you need some inspiration for your upcoming wedding photo shoot or simply loves looking at wedding photographs, we can recommend you a few ways to get your hands and eyes on wedding photographs in Singapore.

Firstly, of course, we will post some wedding photographs on our website from time to time so you can bookmark and check out our website from time to time for some wedding photographs. At Guild Fans, we have a lot of wedding photographs in our library and loves to share them with people. However, most of the wedding photographs that we have access to are not taken by us. The wedding photographs have copyrights restrictions that restrict us from uploading and sharing them online. However, we have hard-copies of them and are allowed to share these wedding photographs with others in person. So if you are interested to literally get your hands on the wedding albums, you can come join us at our weekly outing at the Botanic Garden pavilion at 5 P.M. every Saturday. There, you will be able to exchange insights on wedding photography with other interested and knowledgeable parties.

Secondly, you can visit wedding photography studios’ websites online. Most of them post some of their portfolio at their gallery section of their website. It may not be a lot of wedding photographs if you just visit one or two wedding photography studio’s website. However, if you are talking about at least 10 wedding photography studios’ websites, then the accumulated figures will be good enough for you to get some good insights.

Thirdly, you can visit wedding forums or general photography websites which publish wedding photographs from wedding photographers who give them to right to share their photographs online. The number of wedding photographs you can find in there is usually in the thousands. You may be spending your whole afternoon looking at the photographs.

Unique Parts Of Singapore Wedding Photoshoots

Unlike other parts of the world, couples who might get married in Singapore actually go through rather different procedures than that of couples in another country e.g. France. Here are some examples illustrating my point.

  • Couples will have this official solemnisation ceremony which couples in Singapore affectionately call ROM. It actually doesn’t make sense because ROM simply stands for Registry of Marriages. However, what couples mean when they say they want to go for a wedding photoshoot at their ROM is that they engaged a photographer to capture the process of them going down to ROM building itself to sign the marriage contract. Hence, couples in Singapore loosely use the term ROM to refer to the action of solemnisation.
  • Pre-wedding photo shoots for couples in Singapore is highly similar to that of couples in many other countries, so I will not be elaborating on that. There are only minimal differences (e.g. places in Singapore are relatively nearby so couples only take one single day to complete the entire photoshoot session).
  • When it comes to actual day wedding ceremonies and the photography for that, it can be significantly different versus that in other countries. I will first talk about Chinese couples’ marriages process and then the corresponding wedding photography for them in Singapore.

Actual day wedding photography process (Chinese couples):

  • In the morning, the bride would be at her parents’ house (this is always the case even if she already has her own house) and the makeup artists would be helping her. At the same time, she would also have some friends over (her bridesmaid) who will be preparing ‘challenges’ for the bridegroom and his friends to go through before the bridegroom can officially ‘marry’ the girl. These challenges will be elaborated on shortly. The wedding photographer would then usually capture these morning processions.
  • The bridegroom will now be on his way to his parents-in-law house at this point in time. He would usually be accompanied by a few people as his best men. Arriving usually in a chauffeured luxury car, the bridegroom will alight and proceed up to his bride’s parents’ house. At this point in time, the wedding photographer will hurry out of the bride’s house and proceed to capture the bridegroom arriving.
  • It is at this point in time that the challenges would be carried out. These challenges include stuff such as getting the bridegroom and best men to eat chilli, or perform silly stuff. This is to signify the bridegroom’s ability to ‘go through sufferings’ for his wife. All these will also be captured by the wedding photographer – things that don’t usually happen for couples in countries other than Singapore.
  • Next of all, the couple will then toast a cup of tea to the bride’s parents as a form of respect and asking for blessing for their marriage.
  • The wedding photographer would then usually follow the couple to the bridegroom’s parents’ house where the same tea ceremony would be conducted. (What you will notice is that it’s much more tiring for the wedding photographer in Singapore than in other countries for AD shoots).
  • The couple would then go for a lunch and rest during the afternoon (at this point in time, the wedding photographer would usually create a photo montage and edit the images along with music into a music video which would usually be played during the dinner banquet – this is otherwise known as a same day edit service).
  • Finally, the official wedding dinner banquet where all the guests would turn up (versus only the closest family members and friends in the morning tea parties). This is usually the grand finale of a couple’s actual wedding day. The work of the wedding photographer would be showcased as a same day edit photo montage here.

As you can easily see, it is much more tiring for bridal photographers to work on an actual day wedding photo shoot in Singapore than it is for them to work for couples in other countries. Hence, that is the reason why you would need to invest a comfortable sum with a good wedding photography studio that provides AD bridal photoshoots as well like Grandeur Wedding Studio or EdmundPhoto.

Our Favorite Type Of Wedding Photography

Lots of different couples in Singapore like different types of wedding photographs, and similarly, we also have a favorite type of wedding images that we absolute adore at Guild Fans.

In our humble opinion, the best kind of wedding photography in Singapore are those that showcase unique locations within Singapore rather than taking them at the usual hot spots – e.g. Gardens By The Bay, Botanic Gardens or Orchard Road. In fact, we recommend couples to take our advice and go to more exotic locations to have their wedding photoshoot (I’m referring to pre wedding shoots because you can have the luxury to travel around for this whereas you might not have the time and luxury to move around during your AD bridal photo shoot).

Examples of these exotic locations within Singapore that you can go for your wedding photography sessions include:

  • Tuas – Most couples will write off Tuas as an industrial area and associate it with oil refineries as well as heavy industrial vehicles. However, there are actually lots of grassland areas which are peaceful and with clear blue skies too at Tuas! Don’t immediately write it off. There are lots of beautiful places at Tuas. (Don’t believe me, check out the post by The Wedding Scoop and see for yourself!)
  • Pulau Ubin – Although some couples might not like the idea of going to this rural island for a wedding photography session, I strongly recommend you to do so. In fact, it is a hot favorite among Guild Fans Photography Club. Most of us recommend our clients to choose Pulau Ubin as their wedding photoshoot location because it is unique and rustic looking… making for very cool wedding photographs.
  • S.E.A Aquarium – If you love the underwater shots that you sometimes see on the Internet, then the S.E.A Aquarium on Sentosa island of Singapore would be your favorite spot to go to. I believe you can even get underwater shots and take your wedding photos with the fishes (but please verify this with Sentosa island itself). Otherwise, you can definitely have your photographs taken at the usual aquarium areas!